About KnowledgeSmart

KnowledgeSmart develops online skills assessment and survey tools which help businesses capture knowledge on a wide range of software tools, skills, workflows and standards.

KnowledgeSmart is not just about technology – it is about our people, our culture, our team – and our dedication to collaboration and simplifying the visualisation of digital proficiency.

The KnowledgeSmart Skills Audit platform allows key stakeholders to get swift access to valuable skills data in an intuitive, easily comprehensible interface.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Our Skills Audit Survey Platform

Extensive AEC Library

Inside your KnowledgeSmart Skills Audit Library you will find a collection of surveys designed by AEC professionals. Use them out of the box or customise as needed.

Hard and Soft Skill Ratings

Hard skills are teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy to quantify. Soft skills relate to the way you relate to and interact with other people. All our published surveys are easily customisable too.

Our People Finder Tool

Search your organisation for the best suited people across a range of different categories, project types, software and technical skills.

Optimised Project Resource Management

Assign the right people to the right projects at the right time. Add additional resources based on identified skill gaps and uncover hidden talent in your organisation.

Team Collaboration

Create a variety of teams and an associated Team Manager. Managers can view and edit team skills rating data. Capture a valuable manager's rating.

Dedicated Admin, Manager and User Pages

Our Manager page includes skills surveys, normal surveys and skills assessments. Managers can view and verify our unique blend of skills data.

Actionable Data

Our consolidated data exports are optimised for Business Intelligence Solutions and include a mix of self-rating and formal assessment data with a Microsoft Excel Data Export.

Interactive Visualisations

Our pre-formatted Power BI Template is ready for you to use or customise. Identifying untapped patterns, trends, and insights to drive continuous business improvement, is only a few clicks away.

Targeted Training

All Skills Audit questions have associated training or learning tags. Create custom learning inside leading AEC & M e-learning systems such as Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point Software

Deploy our learning path filter

KS admins can capture skills gap data and generate custom learning paths based on predefined user and manager ratings. We have a direct integration with Eagle Point Software’s, Pinnacle Series.

Employee Engagement

Users can access their personal data, entire assessment and skills survey history, in one easy to view web based portal, in their personal KS dashboard.

Prove capability, uncover possibilities

Employees can easily manage their personal data and demonstrate capability and performance at appraisals and one-to-ones. Individual company and global benchmarking options are also available.

Deploy Self-Invite

Administrators can select skills surveys and skills assessments in their library for users to 'self-invite' themselves to via their user profile dashboards.

An intuitive user journey

Users can resume open sessions and view available results from their user pages. Users can analyse their skill gap progress over time. Employees get a clearer picture of their qualities and roles within the organization.

Full Editorial Control

Tailor the mix of questions to your individual business or project requirements. Use our batch edit feature for offline authoring and editing.

Build your own content

AEC firms can publish and share their own custom Skill Audit surveys and skills assessments using our step-by-step approach.

Scale Fast

Expect a hierarchical account structure with granular admin roles. Share library content and user data easily. Utilise 5 unique different profile types.

Smooth, effective implementation

Use business value to prioritize the flow of your implementation. Get access to five profile types, step-by-step resource guides, how-to videos, a support helpdesk and customer success managers.

Questions we help you answer

Turn your data into opportunity

The KnowledgeSmart consolidated data export has been optimised for BI solutions such as Power BI, Tableau and others. Our pre-formatted Power BI template is accessible within the platform and connecting your data takes seconds. Expect a range of best practice visualisations and dashboards to use as is or customise to your requirements. Our goal is simple – we want to make your skills data as easy to interpret as possible.

Discover data visualisation options

Benefits for Companies

  • Improve transparency of your employees’ current skill strengths and weaknesses and find out where to make changes and how to improve available skills.

  • Reduce recruitment costs by addressing skills shortages and availability of staff proactively. Find hidden talent within the company.

  • ​Improve customers and external partner experience and their loyalty by providing professional, knowledgeable, and friendly services and a quality product—partner with the right companies at the right time. Prove capability to your clients, which instills confidence and trust.

  • Improve project resource management. Quickly identify high-risk areas where you are relying on a single person to complete business-critical tasks. Restructure your team to improve its overall proficiency and effectiveness with confidence.

  • Construct a training matrix that shows the qualifications and status of qualification for each member of your workforce, for example, whether it is valid, expiring, or expired. Health and safety managers, training managers, team leaders, operations managers, and HR, for example, will be able to spot any gaps in training or weaknesses in skills instantly. They will know who has the required skill sets to carry out specific roles or tasks within the business too. Take advantage of a detailed gap analysis report showing which regions, worksites, departments, and even individuals are behind in their training.

How does it work
Discover the user journey

Benefits for Individuals

  • Employees have access to development plans that highlight opportunities and a clear direction on how to increase their skills and advance their careers in alignment with current business goals.

  • Employees can benchmark their skill ratings against the overall organisation and get a clear picture of what’s required to fulfill a particular role within a team.
  • Employee satisfaction improves and team morale boosted, where key person dependency is mitigated and resource levelling improved.
  • Employees have the opportunity to give their managers feedback on rating their own skill proficiency and willingness to apply a certain skill. Work is distributed strategically throughout the team based on skill levels and survey feedback.
  • Instead of being tasked with complete learning paths, employees receive the benefit of targeted training modules based on the outcomes of their skills survey and/or skills assessment.
  • Employees can communicate their current, complete skills profiles to uncover internal growth opportunities.

Discover the user journey

An Intuitive User Interface

KnowledgeSmart Interface Screenshot

Expect an intuitive, user-friendly interface whether you are in the KnowledgeSmart admin dashboard, your user page, or completing a survey, assessment or exam

  • Hit the ground running with handy resource guides and on-screen guidance.
  • Our interface is consistent across assessments, surveys and skills.

  • Personalise the interface from within the settings area.

  • Expect a responsive interface and cloud-based platform.
  • A simple onboarding process.

  • Our interface is designed to do the heavy-lifting for you.

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Screenshot Showcase

Your chance to take a closer look at just how much value the KnowledgeSmart Platform offers.

KnowledgeSmart Main Admin Dashboard
KnowledgeSmart Skill Ratings
KnowledgeSmart Self Invite
Knowledgesmart Team Members
KnowledgeSmart Skills Assessment Interface
KnowledgeSmart My Achievements
KnowledgeSmart Self Invite Survey
KnowledgeSmart Self Invite Survey
KnowledgeSmart Self Invite Survey
KnowledgeSmart Skills Audit Survey Interface
KnowledgeSmart Skills Audit Survey Interface
KnowledgeSmart Skills Audit Survey Interface
KnowledgeSmart User Profile My Teams
KnowledgeSmart User Profile My Teams
KnowledgeSmart User Profile My Teams

Who We Are

Philosophy We Strive For

Our mission is to provide a user-friendly, intuitive platform for companies to capture a unique combination of skills data related to AEC & M software tools, workflows, and standards, and help companies identify untapped patterns, trends, and insights through a well organised data export and interactive, easy to interpret data visualisations.

Our global footprint stretches beyond 25 countries and we are proud to be associated with over 1,000 AEC & M companies and over 50,000 users.

KnowledgeSmart Responsive Header 2020

Our Partners

To serve clients around the world we move insights, ideas, knowledge, methods and people to wherever they are needed. Through their collaboration with us and with one another, they help us scale our reach in ways that would not be possible by working alone.


Livia Cavalieri FCB Studios

Our BIM journey has  been enhanced by KnowledgeSmart: it has increased our knowledge of BIM skills gaps and helped us formulate an effective BIM training strategy to address them.

Timothy Porter - Bergmann

KnowledgeSmart plays a key role in our ability to deliver client success, create opportunities for our people, and build our future.

Timothy Porter - Digital Design Principal , Bergmann
Huw Rees

KnowledgeSmart enables Benoy’s adoption of “Best Practice” workflows, procedures and standards, on an individual and project team level.

Huw Rees, BIM Manager , Benoy

KnowledgeSmart has been instrumental in our ability to map out a detailed regional skills landscape. The business value of being able to target specific skill gaps in specific teams pro-actively has been significant.

Alexander Kolpakov, PE, PMP Associate Director,, Aecom

The KnowledgeSmart platform helps enhance skill levels and helps DAR reflect on the company’s competency across different offices. DAR uses KnowledgeSmart to develop more efficient, targeted training initiatives and optimise project resource management. KnowledgeSmart has helped us make sense of our skills data.

Joseph Tabet, Dar Al-Handasah

Some Companies We Work With

Just some of the companies we have had the pleasure of engaging with.

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