KnowledgeSmart Skills Heat Map User Rating


Skills Matrix Heatmap with User Ratings

Once your users and managers have completed their skill ratings you can take an export of your Skills Matrix results data and upload it to the KnowledgeSmart Skills Matrix Power BI.

When creating your list, include:

  • Search/filter by a specific skill rating.
  • Find a user and then filter via skill rating or look at a specific skill or group of skills.

  • Customise the heat map colours and all other areas of the heatmap visualisation.

KnowledgeSmart Skills Heat Map Visualisation

Skills Matrix Heatmap with User and Manager Ratings

Compile a list the members of your team. Again, you may group the team members into categories if there is a good way to do so.

Keep the following in mind:

  • ​The KnowledgeSmart skills platform includes the ability for managers to verify employee’s skill ratings. It is therefore, advisable, to capture the employee’s manager in your user list.

  • This data is normally readily available through your HR department and can then easily be mapped to the KnowledgeSmart data import templates provided.

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Skills Audit PowerBI Report Included

The KnowledgeSmart development team has done most of the heavy lifting for you by creating a PowerBI report focused on the new skills platform. All visualisations and layouts can easily be customised to your exact requirements.

You can expect:

  • A handy “read-me-first” page that guides you through the report functionality as well as a report guide and navigation menu.
  • Centralised filter pages with a reset button on each page.

  • Visualisations comparing skills audit results with skills assessment results.
  • A series of report pages focused on helping you understand priority training tags based on the skills audit responses.
  • A selection of heatmaps with the option to compare a user rating against a manager rating.

  • A tree map visualisation focused on user ratings by skill.
  • A series of statistical report pages to help you understand key statistics around how the skills platform is being used within your organisation.
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